NDPT President Spoke in Rome Siena Milan and Florence

9th December to 17th December 2008
Italy’s northern province of Siena hosted an official meeting on December 10th on the 60th year of Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the historic Hall of Tapestries, Siena provincial administration. Chime Youngdung, president of National Democratic Party of Tibet and Tenzin Tsundue, Tibetan poet activist were especially invited officially by the Toscana region coordinated by Mr. Ricardo Zerbetto from Dharamsala to talk on the “Human Rights situation in Tibet”. In Siena, Mr. Chime Youngdung expressed his happiness over the French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s concerns on the current situation in Tibet at a meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and he appealed all the European government to support Mr. Sarkozy especially asked Italy people to send petition letter to their President.
Chime Youndung said that the real issue is the Independence of Tibet. “If the occupation of Tibet is ended all these issues like human rights, right to religion and freedom of expression will naturally fall into place”. Proposing for political support for Tibet, Chime Youngdung said: “what the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans need from the west is direct political support. A recognition of the fact that Tibet is an occupied country and therefore recognizes the Tibetan Government in Exile. Tibetan can’t live under Chinese and Tibetan can’t live under democracy as Chinese have became majority now.
Mr. Metteo Mecacci, president of the Inter-parliament Group in Italy and a prominent supporter of the Tibet cause in Italy organised Italy Inter-parliament group meeting with the president Chime on 9th December morning . Mr. Chime with Tsundue had an interview session by the Radio Radicale in the afternoon. Mr. President gave a talk on the current human rights issues of Tibet to the Amnesty international students of Italy in the evening. He addressed on the situation of Tibetans in Nepal and Tibet after the recent Tibetan People’s uprising and he said that the recent Tibetan uprising shows the Tibetans unwillingness to stay under Chinese rule. He showed his deep reverence to the people who took part in the demonstration.
On 13th and 14th December 2008 in Milan, NDPT president had a meeting with the Tibetan Community in Italy coordinated by Mr. Thupten, president of Tibetan Community in Italy and he briefed on the NDPT history and the activities of the party on the first day. On Sunday, Tibetans in Italy celebrated the 19th anniversary of the noble peace prize conferment on His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1989 and NDPT president addressed on the November Tibetan special meeting and shared the party’s views to the Tibetans on the special occasion.
Mr. Riccardo Zerbetto, the coordinator of World Action Tibet, Italy had an extensive discussion on the future activities and plans of the NDPT with the president of Chime Youngdung on 16th December.
Mr. Chime was invited in Toscana region at Florence to talk with the Regional Secretary, speakers of the parliamentarians, and counsellors. Mr. Chime gave concise introduction of the NDPT and appealed them to continue their support for the Tibet cause. He said that he was glad to observe many Italy people’s support for the Tibet Freedom struggle but significantly he called for more official support. Also he proposed more support for the activities of NDPT. Mr. Chime met with some of the eminent Italian parliament members and the radical party MPs are in the process of drafting a resolution proposing Italian head of the state to meet with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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