Tibetans likely to back

Tibetans likely to back “Middle Way”, hope for best
Middle way approach is the soft-edged noose that will spell the death of Tibetan freedom movement, slowly, gradually, without our having even realized it, almost like being killed in your sleep.
It is a miracle that Tibetan movement has survived so far, with no leader standing atop the hill, beckoning us to fight the fight that we ought to fight, because in the absence of it, we die, we disappear. It is a miracle that with no leader inspiring action in us as opposed to advising, nay, forcing upon us, the art of simply waiting, hoping, we have a generation of young shouting slogans for freedom, jumping over gates to Chinese embassies, galloping on horsebacks to claim what is rightfully ours, it is a miracle that we have a people who have still not forgotten and who are willing to risk their all, because all is not over yet, not just yet. It is a miracle that the fight is still there.
It is a miracle that the mice has still survived in the laboratory of middle-way approach, what with the lethal gases of spiritual blackmailing and unseeing political thinking fueling up its throat, burning its lungs, scorching its eyes, numbing its heart, the black, grey, maroon, purple clouds slowly coming to rest on its quivering, shivering, throbbing body, like the white sheet of death. It is a miracle the mice still thinks there is a way out, a way away from dying, a way toward life, a way of freedom.
In the name of Tibetanness, let it then be declared to our children that they are only expected to learn how to play the lute, how to dance the steps, how to sing the songs, and while in their gaiety of playing the lute and dancing the steps and singing the songs, if they were to discover in their hearts a certain rage, a certain melancholy, a certain sense of the wrong not having been put right, a certain truth of their freedom not yet achieved, then they are supposed to just go to sleep. And wait for the noose to gather its force, around their necks, until they cannot even sing the songs, leave alone listen to their hearts.
Let it be mentioned in the text books never to be written in our free land never to be realized that once our children saw what they had not been shown, that once they were inspired by the historical freedom speech never delivered, that they had learnt to take two steps on their own, and the third was a step back to being unborn, unlived, let it then be declared to our children, that they had for their fathers men who only learnt to blink when the first sun ray of truth hit their eyes. That they had for their fathers men who only wrung their hands and whose only action was their prayer.
Let it be known to our brothers and sisters beyond the mountains who now lay dead and who in their lifetime had risen to resist an evil that they had lived to learn was worth fighting against even at the cost of their lives that they were wrong and pray if such a message could be sent to them, let us not forget to send them our token Khatas and a note of apology saying we were deeply sorry because here in exile we still think that evil has a side that is redeemable, and until it realizes its redemption, we have a democratic mandate that tells us we should just wait and pray, and that wait and pray we will. Let it be known to our dead brothers and sisters that their sacrifices were uncalled for and find little support here.
Until then, let us scamper and snivel and plot our way into making our national flag less yellow, less red, less blue, until the snowlions have been blurred into the mice that now lay dying in the laboratory that is the middle way approach.
so, this email is something like a friendly challenge — a throwing down of the proverbial gauntlet for one of my long time allies. I have more than a modicum of respect for Jamyang Norbu, and i’m hoping he will do my work for me and write something about the policy of “hope for the best”. If not, I guess I’ll be forced, as a concerned outsider, to do it myself.
Personally i think it speaks for itself, but I’d love to let Jamyang-La elaborate. And he is far more qualified than I.
“Hope for the best” . I’m sure many previously annihilated cultures did exactly the same thing. Just before they were destroyed forever.
Nice. I think maybe I should start a new blog called AngryInji.com. I know I’ve only been back on TSG-L for a minute and a half, and if this gets me kicked off so be it, but His Holiness absolutely 100% needed to be at that meeting. This whole “Its up to you”…. “No! Its up to you!” is just silly. There have been comedies written about such situations. His Holiness’s bold and brave step of saying: “People, you decide!” was apparently met with a resounding chorus of “Oh no sir, its up to you”, and frankly — you can’t run a country that way.
The prevailing “wisdom” was apparently this: “Lets all agree that His Holiness is not the final arbiter on the future of Tibet but let’s also agree that he should be seen as the sole representative of the Tibetan people.” And then let’s not even have him at the meeting.
sorry to be blunt, but this is like a Beckett
To quote my new President, as I am fond of doing these days… “We are better than this.”


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