Tibetan NGOs resume March to Tibet

New Delhi, April 18 –
250 marchers are yet again embarking on a journey of a dream and a commitment. As part of the Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement the March to Tibet resumed its promise made months ago to return to their homeland via Nainital in Uttranchal State.
The marchers and the organizers gathered at Rajghat in the morning to pray for the well-being of the Tibetans inside Tibet as well as to herald their decision to recommence the march.
They chose the Gandhi Samadhi as a symbol of peace and harmony that the place portrays and what they stand for. “We are very hopeful,” said Tsewang Rinzin, President TYC addressing the media at Rajghat. “We are much more determined now because of the patriotism shown by Tibetans inside Tibet and the sacrifices that they have made. They are an inspiration to us.” Talking about the struggle of a nation he elaborated that we always have to pay a price to achieve something. “Whatever we do in exile is nothing and now is the real time to show our Solidarity. The Tibetan marchers feel that they have a right to go back to their own country,” he emphasized. “Our campaign has always been peaceful. We feel that we are political refugees and not causing any problem. We are completely peaceful and non-violent,” he said. When the marchers go along the streets they do not shout slogans but walk peacefully with portraits of Gandhiji and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. “We hope that the Indian Government will respect that,” he added. The organizers have prepared as much as they could. They have studied and played out all the scenarios and almost all the problems that could come in the way. They are excited to go on with their determination to carry on with the struggle. Their goal is to go back because they have a right to and as refugees in India they feel that Tibetans should be allowed a safe passage back. President of Gu-Chu-Sum Movement of Tibet Ven. Ngawang Woeber reiterating their resolve in the March explained that they would appeal to His Holiness the Dalai Lama if and when He instructs them to discontinue with the March.
The March to Tibet began on the 10th of March from Dharamsala and reached Delhi on April 9 when it was put on a temporary hold due to the mutual consensus of the NGO’s. The first group of 100 Core Marchers were arrested and put under judicial custody within four days of beginning the March. They were detained for 14 days. A second group of Tibetan exiles resumed the March two days after the arrest on 15th March. Both groups of Marchers were reunited in Chandigarh and walked to New Delhi together. The Marchers will resume their march as early as 5:00am tomorrow. They are confident of reaching the borders in the next two months.

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