European Parliament Strasbourg, September 15, 1993

Joint motion for a resolution (art.64) tabled by the following Members:
SAKELLARIOU, HERVE, of the Group of the Party of European Socialists;
MOORHOUSE, LENZ, on behal f of the Group of the European Peopl e’s Party;
AGLIETTA, BETTINI, QUISTO RP, on behalf of the Green Group in the European Parliament;
SIMEONI, CAN AVARRO, on behaf “on the detention of the Tibetans, Gendun Rinchen, Lobsang Yontan and Damchoe Pemo, and other violations of human rights in Tibet”
Joint motion (B3-1257/RC1) for a resolution on the detention of the Tibetans, Gendun Rinchen, Lobsang Yontan [sic] and Damchoe Pemo, and other violations of human rights in Tibet.
The European Parliament,
– having regard to the statement of concern issued by the EPC [Political Committee] on 1st June;
– recalling its earlier resolutions and in particular that of 24th June 1993;
– having regard to the statement of concern of Amnesty International;

  1. Aware of the deplorable violation of human rights in Tibet and the huge number of political prisoners, including 107 apparently arrested during the period April to July 1993 for taking part in demonstrations for independence or calling for the release of dissidents;
  2. Recalling the arrest of Gendun Rinchen and other Tibetan human rights activists before the arrival of a delegation of EC Ambassadors in Tibet last May, in an apparent attempt by the Chinese authorities to prevent contacts with the EC Delegation and in particular to prevent them receiving information about political prisoners;
  3. Concerned about the fact that Gendun Rinchen since being arrested is being detained incommunicado and is accused of “stealing state secrets”, a charge which can carry the death sentence;
  4. Gravely concerned by the reports of the arrest and maltreatment by the police of Damchoe Pemo who, when 20 weeks pregnant, miscarried, having been forced to remain standing for at least 12 hours and having been beaten with electric batons;
  5. Gravely concerned by the reports that the village of Kymishi in Gongkar County in the Lhoka Prefecture has been surrounded by hundreds of Chinese soldiers who have set up machine gun posts and that 35 people in the village have been arrested;
  6. Convinced that the relations between EC and China should not be determined only by economic interests, but should be dependant on respect for human rights and democracy;
  1. Calls on the Chinese authorities to release forthwith all those detained soley for exercising their right to freedom of expression and to ensure that Tibetan detainees are protected from torture and ill treatment and are granted access to relatives and to a lawyer of their choice;
  2. Supports the courageous activity of Gendun Rinchen and his combattants in support of the respect of human rights and in particular the situation of the political prisoners in Tibet;
  3. Recalls its demand to the Commission to make all future economic and commercial agreements with the People’s Republic of China dependant upon respect for human rights in China and in the Tibetan region;
  4. Takes the view that the Olympic Games should not be held in Peking in the year 2000, unless significant progress is made in ensuring respect for human rights by the Chinese regime;
  5. Instructs it delegation to China to insist on discussing the question of the violation of human rights, especially in Tibet, during its forthcoming visit to the People’s Republic;
  6. Instructs its President to transmit this resolution to the Commission, the council, the EPC, and to the Governments of the People’s Republic of China and of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

The European Parliament adopted the resolution without a vote on 15th September 1993.

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