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State of China?s Human Rights: 2008 Report from Amnesty International
(excerpt) China Chapter of State of World’s Human Rights,  Amnesty International, May. 28, 2008

  • Growing numbers of human rights activists were imprisoned, put under house arrest or surveillance, or harassed.
  • Repression of minority groups, including Tibetans, Uighurs and Mongolians, continued.
  • Falun Gong practitioners were at particularly high risk of torture and other ill-treatment in detention.
  • Christians were persecuted for practising their religion outside state-sanctioned channels.
  • Despite the reinstatement of Supreme People’s Court review of death penalty cases, the death penalty remained shrouded in secrecy and continued to be used extensively.
  • Torture of detainees and prisoners remained prevalent.
  • Millions of people had no access to justice and were forced to seek redress through an ineffective extra-legal petition system.
  • Women and girls continued to suffer violence and discrimination.
  • Preparations for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing were marked by repression of human rights activists.
  • Censorship of the internet and other media intensified…….

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